Heal From Within

Exosome Therapeutics for Regenerative Medicine

Rion is a clinical-stage biotechnology company developing a new type of room temperature stable biologic—exosome therapeutics—that activate the body’s innate ability to heal. The company is dedicated to leveraging innovation and technology to make regenerative medicines effective and accessible to any patient, anywhere.

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A (Re)generation of Medicine

Rion’s Purified Exosome ProductTM (PEPTM) is uniquely designed to be a potent, practical, and accessible regenerative medicine. Rion and its scientific collaborators have performed extensive research showing the potential of PEP to heal a wide array of damaged tissue, from skin to muscle to tendons. The company is currently evaluating PEP in preclinical and clinical studies for a number of indications, including wound healing, cardiovascular disease, and pelvic floor disorders, where current standards of care are insufficient.

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PEP: Purified Exosome Product

Platelets are abundant in blood and play a major role in tissue healing. In response to injury, platelets naturally release exosomes, which serve as key communicators between injured and uninjured cells. Platelet exosomes contain specialized proteins, miRNAs, and growth factors that play a key role in orchestrating the body’s tissue repair process. Rion’s PEP consists of exosomes sourced from platelets, which are engineered and purified through Rion’s proprietary manufacturing process.

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Pure. Potent. Possible.

Rion’s proprietary manufacturing process delivers a pure, potent, and stable product. Furthermore, Rion’s process preserves exosome bioactivity, allowing PEP to remain potent as a healing agent and bioavailable in sustained release formulations. This enables PEP to be administered more easily in a wider range of clinical settings without the need for highly specialized equipment or infrastructure – a unique feature for a regenerative medicine. PEP is cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for testing as an investigational drug in human clinical trials, and Rion has established PEP CGMP manufacturing for clinical trial supply.

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Off the Shelf, For the World

Rion’s mission is to make regenerative medicine accessible and practical for clinical use around the world. Accessibility limitations are a recognized bottleneck in regenerative medicine. From exosome purification to clinical practice, Rion and its scientific collaborators have performed extensive research and development to create a truly off-the-shelf regenerative medicine with the potential to provide significant improvements over the current standard of care for many conditions affecting millions of patients globally.

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